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Serving the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Seaway system with high quality print, interactive digital and mobile publications

The Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway System

Great Lakes/Seaway Review

The international maritime magazine of the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Seaway System published quarterly in print, interactive digital and iOS mobile app. Serving the 45 bi-national ports on the 2,340-mile deepwater route extending from the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the western end of Lake Superior, with over 68,795 print and digital views annually.

Greenwood's Guide to Great Lakes Shipping

A staple in the Great Lakes/Seaway System, Greenwood's Guide is utilized by all segments of the industry. Hard-cover in a user-friendly 6" x 9" format, with 30 tabs for quick reference. Updated annually with information not available from any other source. Published annually and available in print and as a PDF download.

Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway System Directory

A comprehensive guide to international shipping in the Great Lakes Seaway System, the Directory is available in high quality print, interactive digital and as an iOS mobile app. Content includes an overview of the system, including maps, charts and physical characteristics, a section on system ports and a section on carriers serving the system.

Annual Reports, Brochures, Maps

High quality, professional annual reports, brochures and maps are available to you from the experienced Harbor House Publishers team. From concept through distribution, editorial, photography, design and technology services are available to fit your budget.

Freshwater Seas

Explore the Freshwater Seas is a comprehensive print, interactive digital and mobile publication that is being used to educate and promote the abundant cruising opportunities of the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Seaway System to prospective cruise operators worldwide.

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