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“The problems we face today are too complex for us to solve on our own. By creating a stronger and more dynamic culture of collaboration between government, industry, academia and the broader non-profit sector, we can make the Great Lakes Region the most prosperous, sustainable, innovative, and welcoming region in the world.”
— Mark Fisher, President and CEO, Council of the Great Lakes Region

CURRENT is the semi-annual magazine of the Council of the Great Lakes Region, showcasing the Great Lakes region’s prominent leadership on economic, social, and environmental issues and its transformation into a region of economic opportunity, innovation and environmental sustainability.


  • Target your message to an elite bi-national audience of 3000+ leaders from government, business, academia and the NGO community.
  • Promote your brand across the eight Great Lakes states and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec.
  • Demonstrate leadership by showcasing your involvement in shaping a bi-national policy agenda that aims to strengthen the Region’s prosperity and sustainability.
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Readers Include

  • Governors and Premiers
  • Great Lakes Legislators
  • Business executives
  • Trade associates
  • Leading academics
  • Government administrators and policy specialists
  • Environmental and non-governmental organizations

Geographic distribution of digital views

Geographic distribution of digital views