Council of the Great Lakes Region

To: Great Lakes Business Leader
From: Mark Fisher, President and CEO
Subject: Current Magazine

One of the most valuable tools the Council of the Great Lakes Region (CGLR) utilizes to promote the Great Lakes economy and the sectors that drive growth and jobs is our semi-annual publication, Current.

This quality print, digital and mobile magazine, launched in 2016, is used to expose your sector and business to thousands of legislators, government executives and policy specialists, leading think tanks and academic institutions, and potential customers across eight U.S. states and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

Current is the only cross-border publication showcasing stories about the Great Lakes region’s prominent leadership on economic and environmental issues, its ongoing transformation into a region of opportunity, scientific discovery and sustainability, and where we need to deepen cross-border trade and sector collaboration.

Distinct benefits of advertising in the Current magazine include:

  • Promoting your brand to an elite bi-national audience of 3000+ leaders from government, business, academia and the NGO community, as well as participants in the annual Great Lakes Economic Forum.
  • Communicating and targeting your message on economic and environmental policy issues that matter to you.
  • Demonstrating leadership by showcasing cutting edge research or your involvement in shaping a bi-national policy agenda that aims to strengthen the region’s prosperity and sustainability.

In addition to producing high quality print copies of the publication, to enhance your company’s visibility and promote your message, we also produce a fully interactive digital edition, which receives more than 20,000 views annually, and a free mobile app.

The digital editions present the reader with a live publication with interactive content, including video and a search function, and gives your business an opportunity to direct link to your website from your company’s advertisement and/or present a video or slideshow on your company in your advertisement.

Our publication partner, Harbor House Publishers, is known throughout the Great Lakes and wider Midwest for publishing excellent magazines, visitors guides and community profiles. Candi Wynn, Account Manager for Harbor House Publishers, will contact you soon to discuss options for marketing your business. The publication is supported entirely by advertising. Candi can be reached at (800) 491-1760 or visit Also, feel free to call me at (613) 668-2044.

Formed in 2013, CGLR was established to create a stronger and more dynamic culture of cross-border collaboration in harnessing the economic strengths of the Great Lakes region while improving the well-being of its citizens and protecting the environment for future generations. It achieves this mandate by conducting evidence-based research on the biggest economic, social and environmental policy issues facing the region, convening regional leaders and diverse perspectives at events like the Great Lakes Economic Forum, and carrying out advocacy campaigns to raise awareness about the region.

As part of this effort, CGLR acquired the Great Lakes Manufacturing Council and serves as the venue for understanding and acting on a range of issues that are critical to this sectors long-term growth and success, from the Great Lakes region’s labor gaps and constantly changing regulatory environment, to trade policy, automation, infrastructure renewal and supply chain connectivity and resiliency.