Andrew Parkin appointed Director of the Mowat Centre

 The University of Toronto’s School of Public Policy and Governance (SPPG) announced January 26 the appointment of Andrew Parkin as the new Director of the Mowat Centre.

“We’re very fortunate to have recruited Dr. Parkin as the next Mowat Centre Director,” said SPPG Director Peter Loewen. “In a very short time, Mowat has established itself as one of Canada’s most important applied public policy research institutions and Dr. Parkin’s background and experience are the perfect complement to that. I think that under his leadership, Mowat’s influence on policy innovation and contributions to public debates in Ontario and Canada will grow considerably.”

Parkin is a recognized voice in advancing evidence-based policymaking and connecting policy research and public dialogue. He is a senior leadership professional and seasoned public policy expert in a diverse array of policy areas, including education and skills development, federalism, social and economic policy and public opinion research. He has held a variety of senior positions including Director General of the Council of Ministers of Education Canada, Associate Executive Director and Director of Research and Program Development at the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation and Co-Director of the Centre for Research and Information on Canada.

“The pace of change around us is accelerating and the challenges facing Canada’s governments at all levels will need rapid and innovative policy responses,” said Parkin. “Mowat’s focus on evidence-informed policymaking is more necessary than ever.”

“Whether it’s evaluating the effectiveness of current programs and institutions in a 21st century context or helping governments confront economic headwinds, demographic trends and new technologies, Mowat’s independence and its unconventional and forward-facing approach to policy research can provide Ontario and Canada with a unique lens on some of our toughest policy challenges,” said Parkin.

Parkin will officially take up the position as Mowat Centre Director March 1.

Maritime Editorial