Lakes limestone trade in May repeats a year ago

Shipments of limestone on the Great Lakes totaled 3,806,526 tons in May, a virtual repeat of a year ago when the trade totaled 3,809,701 tons. This May’s loadings were, however, slightly below the month’s five-year average.

Loadings out of U.S. quarries totaled 3,053,669 tons, a decrease of approximately 40,000 tons compared to a year ago. Shipments from Canadian quarries totaled 752,857 tons, an increase of 37,000 tons.

Year-to-date, the Lakes limestone trade stands at 6,064,130 tons, an increase of 3.7 percent compared to a year ago. Again, loadings from Michigan and Ohio quarries are virtually unchanged from a year ago—4.9 million tons. Shipments from Ontario quarries total 1,169,739 tons, an increase of 216,000 tons.

Maritime Editorial