ABS Advanced Solutions answers U.S. Coast Guard call for implementing cyber security in U.S. ports

ABS Advanced Solutions announced a first-of-its-kind cyber security solution to aid regulated maritime facilities in complying with U.S. Coast Guard guidance. The suite of services provides a turnkey solution for port and terminal facility operators responsible for maintaining Coast Guard-regulated Facility Security Plans (FSPs).

In 2017, the Coast Guard announced the intent that regulated maritime facilities in the United States address cyber security in their FSPs. This was first disseminated in the draft Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular (NVIC) 05-17 published for public comment. Since then, regulated facilities have been asking how to comply.

“We’ve listened to our client partners and developed a solution that categorically addresses the Coast Guard’s cyber intent—and is easily implemented and understood by facility security personnel,” said Dave Nichols, Director of Business Development, ABS Advanced Solutions.

At the heart of the ABS solution is a consolidation of the regulations, policies, procedures and internationally recognized best practices outlined by the Coast Guard in draft NVIC 05-17. The solution provides a pathway for port and terminal operators to thoroughly address regulatory requirements. In addition to an assessment—which produces a quantifiable risk score—ABS Advanced Solutions can assist in FSP development, training of FSOs as well as additional personnel and implementation of risk mitigation strategies identified in the facility cyber assessment.

“Many of our client partners need a solution and recognize that the time to act is now. Our team focused on delivering a solution that not only meets the industry’s needs today, but is also designed to fulfill future requirements as operations evolve,” said Russ Medeiros, Vice President of ABS Advanced Solutions. “This solution marries regulations with practical cyber security outcomes, and we believe our approach will emerge as the gold standard for port cyber security.”

Andrea Lee