Alfa Laval PureBallast completes required U.S. Coast Guard testing procedures

Alfa Laval completed the requisite tests of PureBallast, which were performed using the U.S. Coast Guard-approved CMFDA/FDA (staining) method. All testing was conducted at DHI in Denmark using the same hardware, power consumption and flow as the already market-leading International Maritime Organization (IMO)-approved version of the system.

“PureBallast has achieved high-performance results without any change to its components or system design,” said Anders Lindmark, General Manager, Business Centre PureBallast. “The tests show that PureBallast provides reliable biological disinfection at full flow, whether by IMO or U.S. Coast Guard standards.”

Alfa Laval will now compile its Coast Guard type approval application, including the CMFDA/FDA test results for PureBallast 3.1.

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Maritime Editorial