Army Corps of Engineers FY18 final workplan allocation released

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers FY18 final workplan allocation released June 12. A summary of Great Lakes Navigation System funding follows. This includes what was released in the FY18 President’s Budget last spring, plus the additional projects funding through the workplan.

For FY18, the Soo Locks Major Rehabilitation project was fully funded at $57.58 million in the Construction General funding account. This consists of four critical components at the locks—Davis and Poe pump well system, Poe ship arrestors, Mac Lock tainter valves and Poe bulkheads.

The Great Lakes Navigation Operations and Maintenance total is $158.6 million, which includes $52.4 million from the Additional Funds for Ongoing Work from the FY18 Appropriation. FY18 President’s Budget was $106.2 million.

Key FY18 additions include:

  • 24 new dredging projects for a total of 40 dredging projects in FY18
  • An additional $6.9 million for Soo Locks Asset Renewal (for a total of $15.8 million for FY18)
  • An additional seven navigation structure repair projects ($19 million)
  • $6.7 million for critical rock removal from Calumet Harbor to restore authorized depth

With these additions, backlog dredging will be reduced again this year and significant progress will be made in reducing risk and increasing reliability of the Soo Locks. Dredging backlog within our functional channel dimensions, which had peaked at 18 million cubic yards in 2013, has been reduced to 13.5 million through 2017. This year’s funding is expected to reduce dredging backlog by an additional 1 million cubic yards.

The full FY18 Workplan for all accounts is located here.

All of the individual harbor fact sheets have been updated and posted here, just below the map under Great Lakes Navigation System Facts Sheets.

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