Association of Canadian Port Authorities commends strong 2017 federal budget commitment to transportation

The Association of Canadian Port Authorities (ACPA), the organization that represents the 18 Canada Port Authorities in the National Ports System, as well as companies doing business in the marine sector, is encouraged by the Government of Canada’s commitment to support and enhance our country’s competitiveness through significant infrastructure investments in our ports and transportation corridors.

“We welcome the focus this government has placed on our marine ports and national trade corridors and the recognition the critical role these assets play in our global economic competitiveness” said Wendy Zatylny, President of ACPA. “We know that 90 percent of everything we purchase has spent some time as marine cargo, making its way along a maritime route. By enhancing port and trade corridor capacity, we will be driving economic development and diversity, creating good, middle-class jobs and ensuring long term economic stability.”

Zatylny added that ACPA was also encouraged by the recognition of transportation infrastructure as a key component of the Innovation Agenda.

“The inclusion of transportation and infrastructure within the government’s plan for superclusters is a welcome acknowledgement that transportation is indeed an innovative industry. Our ports create knowledge-intensive and technologically sophisticated jobs and support hundreds of thousands of highly skilled workers along the global supply chain,” she added. “We have long known our port authorities are repositories for the best international practices in logistics management, and we look forward to partnering with government to maximize this potential.”

Maritime Editorial