Canadian Canal Society contributes to fallen workers memorial

The Welland Canal Fallen Workers Memorial Task Force is proud to receive support from the Canadian Canal Society, which made a contribution to the memorial at its 2016 Annual General Meeting.

Task Force Chair Mayor Walter Sendzik thanked the members for their financial contribution to the memorial and President Bob Sears for his continued support of the Task Force’s efforts to honor the 137 workers who died building the fourth Welland Canal.

“On behalf of the task force, thank you to the Canadian Canal Society for your work and dedication to sharing the important stories of Niagara’s canal history. The contributions of your members to this project are valuable and we are proud to have your support for the Fallen Workers Memorial,” stated Mayor Sendzik.

The Canadian Canal Society is a not-for-profit educational and historical organization dedicated to the preservation of Canada’s canal heritage. The society works with other organizations to document, preserve, restore and interpret the history of Canadian canals and waterways. President Bob Sears is also a member of the Welland Canal Fallen Workers Memorial Task Force.

“The Welland Ship Canal was built with blood, sweat and yes, even lives. It is only right that we honor those who died building this engineering marvel. The society is pleased to be making a donation to this long overdue memorial,” stated Sears.

“The Canadian Canal Society’s contribution to the memorial highlights what this project is about—sharing the important stories of Niagara’s canal history and honoring the workers who helped build our community around the Welland Canal,” said Campaign Chair Greg Wight.

The task force’s current fundraising goal for the memorial and parkette is approximately C$750,000. The Department of Canadian Heritage has also contributed C$150,000 towards the memorial.

The task force is continuing to seek support from the marine and business community, community partners and members of the public. Once fundraising is complete, the memorial will be built in 2017. For more information about the memorial, to view the design or to make a contribution, please click here.

Maritime Editorial