Canadian government supports infrastructure projects that create quality middle-class jobs and boost economic growth

The quality of Canada’s transportation infrastructure and the efficiency of the country’s trade corridors is key to the success of Canadian firms in the global marketplace.

The Honorable Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, announced April 13 a major investment of C$18.4 million for the Port of Montréal that will help local businesses compete by moving commercial goods to market and create more jobs for the middle class.

This project will optimize the port’s rail network capacity, particularly in the port’s interchange zone. The work is expected to include relocating underground and above-ground infrastructure, relocating and constructing the port’s new road and building new rail lines. This work will eliminate bottlenecks, while increasing the flow of rail traffic and the port’s competitiveness. The intermodal project is being led by Montréal Port Administration in partnership with the Ministry of Transport of Québec.

Moving goods more efficiently across supply chains allows Canadian businesses to reduce their costs and transit times, allowing them to better compete and create jobs for middle-class Canadians. This is why the Government of Canada is launching a one-stop transportation data hub providing Canadians and transportation partners an easy access to high quality, accurate and timely data on transportation such as traffic, performance and capacity. This hub will be part of the new Canadian Centre on Transportation Data announced in July 2017.

For more information about the National Trade Corridors Fund click here.

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