Canadian transportation data hub provides new resources

The Transportation Data and Information Hub, a product of the Canadian Centre on Transportation Data, provides enhanced analytics of Canada’s transportation system. The following new data sources were recently released:

  • The Canadian Freight Analysis Framework provides a picture of freight flows across the country by geography, commodity and mode of transport. Estimates are available by tonnage, value and ton-kilometers. The database can be used to analyze a number of transportation-related matters, such as highway capacity, traffic forecasting, investments in infrastructure, as well as trade flows.
  • The Canadian Transportation Economic Account (CTEA) provides a comprehensive measure of the transportation sector’s role in the Canadian economy. The CTEA will, for the first time, present data from the National Economic Accounts for own-account transportation services produced by non-transportation industries.

To access the hub, click here.

For more information on the statistics presented in the hub, call Statistics Canada at (800) 263-1136 or (514) 283-8300 or email

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