CSL releases 2016 Corporate Sustainability Report

The CSL Group released its fourth annual Corporate Sustainability Report September 22, demonstrating the company’s ongoing commitment to improve its performance on a wide range of sustainability-related goals.

The report includes CSL’s sustainability results for the 2016-17 fiscal year and covers highlights in the areas of governance, safety, environmental responsibility, ethics, the workplace, employee and community engagement, and value for customers.

“As CSL’s new CEO since April 2017, I take great pride and comfort in knowing that CSL and its owners care deeply about people, safety, the environment and our communities,” said Louis Martel, President and CEO of The CSL Group.

“Even in today’s difficult market, sustainability remains fundamental to the way we conduct our business. We see it as a competitive advantage, a driver of innovation and an investment in the future of our employees, customers and communities.”

The 2016 report features CSL’s progress in achieving its short- and long-term sustainability goals and commitments. Notable highlights include:

  • The SafePartners Program continued to help CSL improve safety results with a 42 percent annual reduction in the frequency rate of lost time injuries
  • Operational efficiencies and enhanced logistics helped improve cargo transportation emission intensity and reduce gCO2eq/metic ton-nautical mile by 0.9 percent
  • The ballast water treatment system tested on MV Sheila Ann received U.S. Coast Guard type approval
  • CSL achieved a 40 percent increase in waste recycling from vessels and a 10 percent reduction in total waste produced per crew member
  • CSL was named a Montreal Top Employer in 2016 and received the 2016 IBJ Bulk Ship Operator of the Year
  • CSL donated approximately 1 percent of net earnings in 2016 to charitable causes and disaster relief
  • CSL developed and launched the Scheduling Optimizer to improve logistics and planning

The 2016 report was prepared using the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 Sustainability Guidelines as a reference. The areas in which the report aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals were also noted.

To read or download the 2016 CSL Corporate Sustainability Report, visit the CSL website here. Printed copies of the report are available upon request here.

Maritime Editorial