Fednav receives the Belgium-Québec Business Links award

At a prestigious gala last week, Fednav Limited received the Belgium-Québec Business Links award presented by the Business Circle Belgium Québec. This award recognizes the important contribution of a Quebec-based company that has demonstrated exceptional trade performance with Belgium during the past year.

This year, Fednav’s ships will have performed about 40 voyages from the Port of Antwerp to the ports of the St. Lawrence and the Great Lakes, transporting roughly 700,000 metric tons (iron and steel products, fertilizers and other bulk cargoes) and about just as much on return trips (grain products, ores and others).

In addition to facilitating trade, each port of call in Belgium and Québec represents hundreds of thousands of dollars in economic benefits (pilots, inspectors and stevedores, towing fees, berthage fees, crew costs, fuel oil, food and equipment, etc.)

Founded in 1944, Fednav is a private company and the largest international bulk shipping carrier in Canada. Based in Montreal, it operates a modern and efficient fleet of more than 100 vessels, most of which are owned. The company operates 275 office employees worldwide, including 170 at its Montreal headquarters, and has offices in Antwerp, Charlotte, Hamburg, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore and Tokyo. Fednav (Belgium) N.V. represents its largest office overseas and includes among its responsibilities the management of the company’s transatlantic service.

Fednav thanks the Business Circle Belgium Québec for this honor and recognizes its employees, without whom this distinction would not have been possible and with whom the company will celebrate 75 years of success next year.

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