Green Marine holds course as it expands participation and priorities

Green Marine released the results of its participants’ sustainability efforts in 2018 at the organization’s annual GreenTech conference June 6.

“I am satisfied that we are holding course with the performance levels as we continue to widen our trajectory in terms of environmental priorities, as well as toughen some of our existing standards,” said David Bolduc, Green Marine’s Executive Director during GreenTech 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio.

The program has 133 participants—a 12 percent increase from last year at this time. These shipowners, port authorities, Seaway corporations, terminal operators and shipyard managers voluntarily commit to evaluating their environmental performance on a yearly basis. They rank their efforts on a 1-to-5 scale based on the detailed criteria specified for 12 performance indicators. These indicators address greenhouse gas emissions, community impacts, garbage and waste management, and other prioritized environmental issues.

A total of 144 reports were submitted for 2018 with some participants filing for more than one type of business activity or distinct locations. This 17 percent increase in evaluations over the previous year reflects the participants involving more aspects of their operations, which is a welcomed development.

The overall average for the 2018 reporting dipped to 2.9 from 3.1 in 2017, which was not unexpected given the influx of new participants, new indicators and more stringent criteria.

The 2018 results included the largest group of newly reporting participations since the program’s 2007 inception. New members typically start out at the program’s lower levels. They usually require some time to familiarize themselves with the program’s varied criteria, determine their current standing, and then put into the place the people, systems and technology for targeted improvement.

Port authorities and shipowners operating in saltwater also had to report on new performance indicators for underwater noise. Green Marine is one of the world’s first voluntary initiatives to take measurable steps to fully understand, reduce and mitigate underwater noise impacts on marine mammals and its expertise has widely been sought.

For more information about the Green Marine environmental certification program or the 2018 results, please contact Manon Lanthier, Communications Manager at or (418) 569-5110.

Andrea Lee