Green Marine, SNAME partner to advance environmental excellence in the maritime industry

Green Marine and the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) signed a partnership agreement to further their common goals in fostering greater environmental sustainability in the maritime sector.

The agreement, signed earlier this year, will serve as a framework to enhance technical cooperation between the two parties and encourage the exchange of information to raise awareness for both organizations and in program development towards environmental advancement.

Through this cooperation, Green Marine gains access to a greater pool of technical experts and delegates, said Dr. Eleanor Kirtley, Green Marine’s West Coast Program Manager and Chair of SNAME’s Technical and Research Environmental Committee. In exchange, SNAME becomes a Green Marine Association member. SNAME and Green Marine also agree to be partners in the marketing and branding of the two organizations.

“SNAME looks forward to a very productive partnership that will promote our respective work within each of our networks,” says SNAME Executive Director, Gene Sanders. “We believe this new collaboration will help us achieve our common goals.”

“In my view, sustainability works hand in hand with innovation and technology,” adds Green Marine Executive Director David Bolduc. “In addition to spreading the word about our program through a new network, this collaboration will bring a valuable technical input to our criteria development.”

Andrea Lee