Laws supporting investment in the maritime industry by Detroit port pass Michigan House

The Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority (DWCPA) congratulated the Michigan House of Representatives for the passage of two important bills impacting the state’s maritime industry.

The legislation, HB 5651 and 5652, sponsored by state representatives Wendell Byrd from Detroit; Holly Hughes from Muskegon; and Jason Sheppard from Monroe, allows the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and DWCPA to provide financial assistance to commercial marine terminals and related facilities throughout the state. Currently, DWCPA is restricted by state law from assisting any marine facility unless it owns it.

“Passing these bills is an important first step in allowing DWCPA and the state to help our marine industry compete on a national and international basis,” said John Loftus, Executive Director of the DWCPA. “A stronger, more competitive marine sector will provide greater opportunity to create jobs for the people of southeast Michigan.”

Loftus continued by praising the leadership of Representative Byrd in identifying those issues that restricted the DWCPA from accomplishing its mission and leading the passage of this legislation to correct the situation.

The next task is to move this legislation through the Michigan Senate prior to the end of 2016 and secure Governor Snyder’s signature to make it a law.

Maritime Editorial