LOGISTEC introduces new colors

LOGISTEC’s new colored “O” represents marine services and environmental services linked by water.

No one could have predicted that what started as a Paquin family-owned and -operated business in Québec City, Quebec in 1952, focusing on stevedoring and cargo handling along the shores of the St. Lawrence River, would one day become one of Canada’s most successful business stories. The story now continues with its recent strategic expansion in the U.S. Gulf region, propelling LOGISTEC to prominence as a key leader in the marine sector.

LOGISTEC’s continued success can be traced back to its visionary founder, Roger Paquin. His innate drive, ambition, commitment to going beyond for his customers and uncanny flair for predicting changes in customer needs and innovation in the industry, has enabled LOGISTEC to thrive over 65 years in the constantly evolving marine and environmental industries.

This focus on excellence and business acumen is carried on today by daughter Madeleine Paquin C.M., President and CEO of LOGISTEC, who took the helm in 1996.

“My father would be very proud of where we are today,” said Paquin from LOGISTEC’s headquarters overlooking the Port of Montreal. “The values that he passed on are truly the foundation of the LOGISTEC family culture, and our drive to evolve and expand to meet new industry demands is what keeps us excited about the future. The recent acquisition of Gulf Stream Marine, a leader in terminal operations in the Gulf Coast region, was the perfect next step for us.”

To celebrate this evolution and to recognize LOGISTEC’s expanding reach, LOGISTEC is excited to introduce a new branding that clearly reflects its sectors of expertise as denoted in the new colored “O”—marine services and environmental services both linked by water. This unique combination of services is brought to life by the dedication of the Paquin family, along with 2,300 people across North America, from the Arctic to the U.S. Gulf, and key industry partners, who together strive every day to go beyond for their customers. The future is bright for the LOGISTEC family.

Maritime Editorial