Marine industry promotional campaign launches new postering offensive

The St. Lawrence Development Council (SODES) launched a new operation in the context of its marine industry promotional campaign Brought to You by Ship – My River, My Provider! in the form of a postering offensive targeting the general public.

The new visuals developed for this operation represent everyday items such as clothing, sports equipment, drinks and fruit, which many people do not know are brought to us from abroad by ship. These images will be shown in September and October on Facebook and on display panels in restaurant restrooms, store fitting rooms and university campuses across Québec. At the same time, a publicity video will run on Télé-Québec (TV network, website and mobile app) for maximum visibility and to reach as many of the campaign’s target groups as possible. 

This is SODES marine industry promotional campaign’s third postering operation, following highway billboards in high-traffic areas in Québec City and Montréal in fall 2014 and posters on public transit corporation buses in Québec City, Trois-Rivières and Saguenay in spring 2015.

A website dedicated to promoting maritime transport, (in French only), was launched at the same time as the third poster campaign. This new communications tool will enable Quebeckers to learn more about shipping and trace the voyage everyday products make from elsewhere in the world to us.

Maritime Editorial