Marine Safety Center issues type-approval certificate to ERMA FIRST ESK Engineering Solutions S.A.

The Coast Guard Marine Safety Center issued the sixth U.S. Coast Guard Ballast Water Management System Type-Approval Certificate to ERMA FIRST ESK Engineering Solutions S.A. after a detailed review of the manufacturer’s type-approval application determined the system met the requirements of 46 CFR 162.060. A copy of the type-approval certificate may be obtained by contacting the manufacturer.

The treatment principle of the ERMA FIRST BWTS FIT consists of a three-step process consisting of filtration and electrolysis during uptake and neutralization at discharge. This approval covers 13 models with maximum treatment rated capacities between 90 m3/h and 3,740 m3/h.

A complete list of ballast water treatment systems that have been approved or have type-approval applications currently under review can be found here.

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