Maritime transportation committee nominations requested

The U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD) requests nominations for membership on the U.S. Maritime Transportation System National Advisory Committee (MTSNAC). Nominations for immediate consideration for appointment must be received on or before 5 p.m. ET Tuesday, May 29. After that date, MARAD will continue to accept applications under this notice for a period of up to two years from the deadline to fill any vacancies that may arise.

We are hoping to get a robust slate from the maritime community. The Federal Register Notice for the MTSNAC membership is published here. The committee will advise the Transportation Secretary on solutions to impediments hindering effective use of short sea transportation and other matters as the Secretary determines.

Members will be selected with a view toward a varied perspective of the marine transportation industry, including (1) active mariners; (2) vessel operators; (3) ports and terminal operators; (4) shippers or beneficiary cargo owners; (5) shipbuilders; (6) relevant policy areas such as innovative financing, economic competitiveness, performance monitoring, safety, labor, and environment; (7) freight customers and providers; and (8) government bodies.

Maritime Editorial