Michigan Office of the Great Lakes releases second part of state water strategy

To provide a roadmap for the wise management, use and protection of Michigan’s water resources, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality’s Office of the Great Lakes released the second part of Michigan’s Water Strategy July 27.

This part of the Water Strategy identifies the untapped potential of the revitalization of Michigan’s waterfronts and sustainable development of Michigan’s top water-based industries, as well as the promotion of water-based recreation.

“Growing Michigan’s blue economy in a way that sustains the underlying health and quality of Michigan’s water resources and protects public health is critical,” Michigan Office of the Great Lakes Director Jon Allan said. “Care for our natural resources and investment in sustainable water-based industries will benefit Michigan citizens and play a key role in moving the state forward.”

Twenty percent of Michigan jobs are connected to its water resources in some way and water-based industries are projected to drive future growth of the state’s economy. Part two of the strategy focuses on renewing waterfronts, promoting water accessibility and strategically planning and investing in the future of the state’s commercial and recreational harbors.

The recommendations of the collaboratively developed strategy ensure the continued protection of our shared waters and support Michigan’s essential water-based economy by focusing on beach health, water trails, sustainable fishing, watershed-friendly farming techniques and the accelerated creation of water technologies.

The water strategy is a 30-year plan for Michiganders to protect, manage and enhance Michigan’s water resources for current and future generations. Part one was released June 10 and part two was released July 27. Two additional parts are planned for release this summer.

To learn more about the water strategy, follow implementation initiatives or join in water stewardship efforts, click here.

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