Michigan Office of the Great Lakes to join Department of Natural Resources

Governor Rick Snyder issued an Executive Order transferring the Michigan Office of the Great Lakes from the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

“Protection and management of the Lakes is critical to our future,” said Snyder. “Moving the Office of the Great Lakes to the DNR will strengthen opportunities for improved management of the Lakes by better aligning programs and responsibilities within state government.”

Executive Order 2017-9 will take effect December 28 and move the functions of the Office of the Great Lakes to the DNR. Director Jon W. Allan will continue to lead the Office of the Great Lakes, and a member of the governor’s cabinet, Angela Ayers, will join the office as Deputy Director.

The Office of the Great Lakes will retain its current programs and responsibilities, including its central role in advising the governor and other state departments on policy and actions regarding the Great Lakes.

The DEQ will continue to provide important regulatory oversight for protecting Michigan’s water resources. The Office of the Great Lakes will continue to coordinate with the DEQ on policies, programs and procedures regarding Great Lakes resources.

The transfer will align programs within the Office of the Great Lakes and the DNR. It will give the office the opportunity to work more closely with the DNR on key natural resource management topics including aquatic invasive species, fish and wildlife habitat, Great Lakes restoration, sustainable waterfront communities and water recreation.

“We look forward to creating new partnerships and continuing our work to sustain Michigan’s Great Lakes resources and way of life,” said Allan.

Maritime Editorial