More attendee interaction coming to Great Lakes Waterway Conference

The planning committee for the Great Lakes Waterways Conference, consisting of the U.S. and Canadian Seaways and shipping stakeholders, is updating the approach to the annual Great Lakes Waterways Conference in Cleveland, Ohio on Tuesday-Wednesday, February 5-6.

Sessions will be more interactive, with moderators posing key questions to the speakers. The sessions are focusing on Blockchain Dynamics, A Look to the Future and Technology of the Seaway, Strategies at Home and Across the Globe, Great Lakes Shipping in the 116th Congress, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Great Lakes Navigation System Update, Cyber Advancements, State of Engagement in Great Lakes Trade and U.S. and Canadian Coast Guard Issues.

The new format is expected to create discussions between the speakers and attendees. Exploring the pros and cons of various topics being discussed—and potential solutions—could be a springboard for addressing issues that may be impeding business growth in the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Seaway system.

The conference is being held at The Westin Cleveland Downtown. The Dinner and Awards Ceremony remains a premier networking event and is taking place Tuesday evening, February 5.

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Janenne Pung