Nadeau testifies before U.S. House subcommittee

Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy Rear Adm. John Nadeau testified January 17 before the U.S. House Coast Guard & Maritime Transportation Subcommittee, during a hearing on the state of the U.S.-flag maritime industry. Testifying alongside Nadeau was Maritime Administrator Rear Adm. Mark “Buz” Busby, U.S. Navy (Retired).

Nadeau’s remarks focused on the Coast Guard’s responsibility to protect the 25,000-mile marine transportation system that supports 250,000 American jobs and $4.5 trillion of economic activity every year.

“This system connects American consumers, producers, manufacturers and farmers to domestic and global markets and provides access to our nation’s vast natural resources,” Nadeau said. “The Coast Guard ensures this system remains safe, secure and resilient.”

Nadeau also discussed efforts to work with Dept. of Defense and MARAD to implement the “Military to Mariner” training program, which is designed to make it easier for military members to receive credit for experience, training and qualifications received in the military. He highlighted the contributions of the Merchant Marine Personnel Advisory Committee (MERPAC) and Coast Guard’s partnership with the U.S. Navy to establish a credentialing program to improve military member awareness of civilian mariner opportunities.

Nadeau closed his remarks by emphasizing that a healthy U.S. maritime industry and a robust pool of civilian mariners are vital to U.S. economic prosperity and national security, and the Coast Guard’s commitment to keeping pace as industry continues to evolve.

“We are focused on ensuring every one of our actions sustains the safe, secure, environmentally sound and productive operation of the marine transportation system, without imposing unnecessary costs on industry.”

To watch the video of the entire hearing, including Rear Adm. Nadeau’s testimony, visit the Transportation & Infrastructure Subcommittee website.

Maritime Editorial