National Museum of the Great Lakes makes significant donation

The libraries at Bowling Green State University have greatly expanded their holdings of Great Lakes research materials thanks to a significant donation from the National Museum of the Great Lakes in Toledo, Ohio, which is owned and operated by the Great Lakes Historical Society.

More than 160 cubic feet of photos, pamphlets, slides, bound materials, postcards and archival materials have found a new home in the libraries’ Historical Collections of the Great Lakes (HCGL), housed within the Center for Archival Collection.

“We are excited that the consolidation of their materials with our existing Great Lakes archives has now created the largest collection of its kind on the U.S. side of the Great Lakes,” said Mary Ellen Mazey, Ph.D., President of Bowling Green State University. “Thank you to the museum, its board of directors, the Great Lakes Historical Society and the University Libraries staff who helped to facilitate this exciting and symbiotic new alliance in the name of historic preservation.”

“The added scope and depth of the HCGL collection expands research opportunities for BGSU students and faculty, National Museum of the Great Lakes staff and patrons, as well as researchers from beyond campus,” said retired HCGL archivist Bob Graham, who played an instrumental role in bringing the collection to BGSU. “Both organizations view this donation as the first step in an evolving partnership involving students, faculty and museum staff.”

The museum retains its collection of paintings, models and artifacts, as well as books to create a small library for patrons at the museum.

Maritime Editorial