National Park Service, Maritime Administration announce $2.6 million for maritime heritage preservation

The National Park Service has announced $2.6 million in maritime heritage grants to assist funding 34 preservation and education projects in 14 states and the Northern Mariana Islands. In partnership with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration, the National Park Service awarded grants for projects that teach about and preserve sites and objects related to our nation’s maritime history.

“From exploration to industry and military conflict, these grant projects tell the story of our nation’s history through a maritime lens,” National Park Service Deputy Director Dan Smith said. “Through a collaborative effort, the National Park Service is dedicated to conserving these treasures and enhancing public awareness of our maritime heritage.”

Among the grant recipients, the Wisconsin Historical Society received $54,245 for a project entitled “Unloading History: Self-Unloaders and the Development of the Maritime Industrial Landscape.”

Maritime Editorial