Port Milwaukee generated over $100 million in business revenue, impacted 1,309 jobs in 2017

Port Milwaukee’s maritime cargo and vessel activity had a significant positive effect on the city and the region’s economy in 2017, a recently completed study has concluded.

The study, commissioned by the marine shipping industry in partnership with U.S. and Canadian government agencies, concluded that Port Milwaukee sustained more than 1,300 local jobs and generated over $100 million in business revenue last year. This economic activity also produced more than $30 million in state and federal taxes.

“Port Milwaukee’s mission is to promote economic activity by stimulating international trade and commerce,” said newly installed Port Director Adam Schlicht. “Today’s report shows that the port’s efforts support local employment and local businesses. The success of Port Milwaukee as a major economic artery of our region is something we can build on.”

The report, entitled “Economic Impacts of the Port of Milwaukee” was completed by Martin Associates of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a respected economic analysis firm that specializes in the maritime industry. Milwaukee’s report complements another recently released study of the entire Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Seaway navigation system, which demonstrated that maritime shipping produced $35 billion in economic activity in the United States and Canada last year.

Port Milwaukee’s impact is detailed below:

  • Total Jobs (direct, induced, indirect) – 1,309
  • Personal Income (direct, local purchases, indirect) – $88,119
  • Business Revenue – $106,548
  • Local Purchases – $24,824
  • Taxes
    • Federal – $24,685
    • State – $9,693

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