Port of Cleveland Board of Directors approves artistic lighting of silos in Cleveland Harbor

The board of directors of the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority approved the installation of artistic lighting on cement silos near the mouth of the Cuyahoga River as part of the port’s continuing effort to beautify Cleveland Harbor. In addition, the board discussed a busy agenda that included key maritime, infrastructure and development finance matters.

For the silo lighting project, dubbed “Harbor Lights,” the board authorized the port to enter an agreement for lighting equipment and installation with Herbst Electric of Cleveland, after a public bidding process. When completed by early July, the artistic lighting of the 150-foot tall silos with a RGBW LED system will add another point of interest as Cleveland prepares to put its best foot forward for the upcoming Republican National Convention.

“The port’s role as driver of economic development for Cleveland takes on many forms, including our booming maritime services and key development finance capacity,” said Will Friedman, Port President and CEO. “But we’re also passionate about creating an inviting waterfront for residents and visitors. Harbor Lights will provide a spectacular display of public art on what is currently a lackluster industrial structure.”

Friedman also noted that the port’s tandem workboats, Flotsam and Jetsam, would once again patrol the lakefront and river to clean up floating debris and trash to make the waterfront safe and inviting.

“The port is committed to civic partnership and stewardship on our waterfront,” said Chris Ronayne, Chair of the port board. “We’re excited to add to the growing vitality along our waterfront through the silo lighting project, especially as we approach the Republican National Convention and Cleveland shines on the national stage.”

In other matters, the board received an update on maritime business, including the news that The Lubrizol Corporation has agreed to ship its products directly to Europe via the port’s docks and its Cleveland Europe Express service. Additionally, the board approved the issuance and sale of revenue bonds for the Snavely Group’s “w25d” development at West 25th and Detroit.

Maritime Editorial