Port of Erie supports $90.8 million in economic activity

The Great Lakes Seaway Partnership announced the release of Economic Impacts of the Port of Erie, a report documenting the contributions made by the Erie-Western Pennsylvania Port Authority and Great Lakes/Seaway shipping to the region and state surrounding Erie, Pennsylvania. The study reports that in 2017, the Port of Erie and maritime commerce supported:

  • 757 jobs
  • $90.8 million in economic activity
  • $49.6 million in personal income and local consumption expenditures
  • $19.2 million in federal and state tax revenue

“This report demonstrates the significant impact that the maritime industry has on our region,” said Brenda A. Sandberg, Executive Director, Port of Erie. “We are proud to have served Erie for close to 50 years; supporting industrial, commercial and recreational opportunities. With over $90.8 million in annual economic activity, we will continue to serve as a powerful economic engine for Erie and the State of Pennsylvania in the future.”

The impact of Great Lakes/Seaway shipping for both domestic and international cargo at the port has yielded considerable economic benefits to the City of Erie and State of Pennsylvania.

“The Port of Erie has a proven track record of economic support to not only Erie, but the commonwealth as a whole,” said Governor Tom Wolf. “Erie is the Riviera of Pennsylvania, and I look forward to continuing our partnerships that help to strengthen this iconic region so that it will continue to thrive for years to come.”

“Our port is not only a regional asset that is a magnet for tourism and contributes to our vision of a world-class bayfront,” said Erie Mayor Joseph V. Schember. “This study illustrates that it also serves vital maritime commerce functions, including the shipment of domestic and international cargo. As we look to create more, good family-sustaining jobs, our port is an important piece of our economic development strategy. It creates an attractive market for potential industries around the world.”

“The study reflects the important contributions the Port of Erie provides to the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence region,” said Steven A. Fisher, Executive Director of the American Great Lakes Ports Association. “The jobs supported by the maritime industry include not only those located directly on the waterfront—shipyard workers, stevedores, vessel operators, terminal employees, truck drivers and marine pilots—but also grain farmers, construction works, miners and steelworkers. Many of these jobs would vanish if not for a dynamic maritime industry.”

The Economic Impacts of Port of Erie full report can be downloaded here.

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