Port of Three Rivers welcomes first ocean-going vessel of 2019, the Ellensborg

The Ellensborg’s Captain and Chief Engineer are presented with gifts to mark the arrival of the first vessel of the year in Three Rivers.

The Ellensborg is the first ocean-going vessel from an overseas port to directly reach the Port of Three Rivers non-stop in 2019. It reached the port at 2:24 p.m., January 7 following a 25-day Atlantic voyage. The vessel, with its 15 crew members of Thai nationality, left the Port of Lüderitz in Namibia December 14, 2018 with a cargo of 11,000 metric tons of zinc unloaded by Somavrac and destined for CEZinc.

Danielle St-Amand, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Three Rivers Port Authority (TRPA), said: “To receive the title, the vessel must arrive in Three Rivers from an overseas port without making a stopover and perform a loading or unloading operation at the port.”

During the 53rd ceremony marking the arrival of the first vessel of the year at the port, Captain Meemongkhon Choorith and Chief Engineer Singh-Sa Suthep were presented with a giclée reproduction of the painting “Un port, une équipe,” produced by Mauricie artist Caroline St-Pierre, and a basket of local products.

Gaétan Boivin, President and CEO of the TRPA, reminded that Somavrac handles mining products for various mines and refining plants located in Quebec, Ontario and the United States from its facilities at the port.

The ceremony highlighting the arrival of the first vessel of the year brings forward the crew members who navigate on the St. Lawrence River during winter. Winter navigation is now possible, more than ever, thanks to the efforts of many actors in the river system. These include the Canadian Coast Guard, whose icebreakers keep the channel open between Quebec and Montreal during the winter.

To navigate on the St. Lawrence during the winter, the ships lighten their cargo. They also need a reinforced hull, an adapted engine water cooling system to prevent ice build-up and be equipped with high-performance navigation equipment, such as high-efficiency radar systems, to facilitate their passage through the ice.

About the Ellensborg
The general cargo vessel Ellensborg was built in 2011 and is currently sailing under the Panama flag. She has an overall length of 138.5 meters and a width of 21.19 meters.

Andrea Lee