Rand Logistics announces 2017 Marine Miracle Month results

Rand Logistics, Inc. announced the company will be donating in excess of $132,000 to children’s charities designated by its customers as a result of its second annual Marine Miracle Month program, an increase of more than 5 percent over last year’s program results.

In June, Rand announced the company would donate $0.05 for every ton of cargo carried by its fleet during the month of August to nonprofit organizations with a primary focus on the health and well-being of children. For the program’s second year, Rand is providing its customers the opportunity to select the children’s charity of their choice and is making the donations in each participating customer’s honor. The donation amount is based upon the total tons each customer shipped during the month of August.

“We are thrilled and inspired by the continued interest and positive response that our customers, employees and community partners have shown towards the initiative, enabling us to exceed last year’s program results. The donations based on cargo carried in August have been augmented with additional donations from individuals, a silent auction and other activities that help support our goals,” said Aaron Degodny, Rand’s Chief Commercial Officer. “With approximately 30 participating customers again this year, Marine Miracle Month has created a vehicle for Rand to give back to the many communities in which we operate and expand the reach of our corporate social responsibility efforts, while strengthening partnerships with our valued customers.”

Degodny continued: “Rand introduced the Marine Miracle Month program in 2016, and we are proud to have contributed nearly $260,000 to date toward organizations across the Great Lakes. We look forward to continuing Marine Miracle Month as an annual event for Rand, our customers and the organizations and children in the communities that it positively impacts.”

Qualifying not-for-profit organizations selected by Rand’s participating customers must hold 501(c)(3) status in the U.S. or be a registered charity in Canada providing services and benefits to children.

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