Rand Logistics renames James L. Kuber

Rand Logistics, Inc., a leading provider of bulk-freight shipping and ship repair throughout the Great Lakes region, has announced the renaming of its U.S. flagged self-unloading, non-propelled cargo barge, the James L. Kuber, to the Maumee. The Maumee is integrated with the tug, M/V Victory and the Articulated Tug and Barge (ATB) unit will fit out this spring to begin its 2019 sailing season.

Keeping with the company’s tradition of naming its vessels after native North American waterways and regions, the name Maumee references the Maumee River, which runs from northeastern Indiana into northwestern Ohio and Lake Erie in the United States. The Port of Toledo is located at the mouth of the Maumee River, where the vessel will frequent carrying various commodities. The name Maumee is also a historical fleet name which references the M/V Maumee, a self-unloader retired by the company several years ago.

Rand purchased the barge James L. Kuber and the tug Victory in February 2011 from KK Integrated Shipping. The ATB has 815-foot length overall, a beam of 70 feet and a capacity of approximately 25,500 net tons and operates with a crew of 13. Cargo carried on the Maumee includes iron ore, grain, stone, coal and other bulk commodities.

The barge was originally built as a straight-deck bulker in 1953 by Great Lakes Engineering Works in River Rouge, Michigan and received a 260-foot self-unloading system in 1982. In 2008, the vessel completed a conversion to a new articulated self-unloading notched barge.

Andrea Lee