Secretary Foxx designates three Marine Highway Projects

U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx has designated three new Marine Highway Projects. The Mississippi River, previously designated as the M-55, will serve as the primary route for the Baton Rouge-New Orleans Shuttle project.

Sponsored by the Port of New Orleans in partnership with the Port of Greater Baton Rouge and SEACOR AMH, LLC, the proposed container-on-barge service will operate between the ports of Greater Baton Rouge and New Orleans, reducing congestion and bridge traffic on Louisiana’s Interstate 10.

Also operating along the M-55 from Chicago to New Orleans, the proposed Illinois Intrastate Shuttle project is structured to shift about 5,500 containers in its first year of operation from congested north-south Interstate 55 to the Mississippi River. Sponsored by America’s Central Port located in Granite City, Illinois, the container-on-barge service will provide soybean and grain shippers a new routing option.

The third service, the Lake Erie Shuttle, is a proposed route that will carry cargo for shippers between the ports of Monroe, Michigan; Cleveland, Ohio and Detroit, Michigan. The service is sponsored by the Port of Monroe. 

Maritime Editorial