SODES updates Maritime Information Bureau website

The St. Lawrence Economic Development Council (SODES) updated the Maritime Information Bureau (MIB) website with a new section on technologies. Divided into three sub-sections (training, navigation and environmental technologies), this new content informs web users of the Québec marine industry’s key innovations. A summary sheet, available in PDF and electronic format, will be developed in the near future using this new section of the MIB website. Once ready, it will be made available to all SODES members and partners for sharing and dissemination.

The MIB was born of the observation that, although the marine sector is a cornerstone of Québec’s development, people often know little about it. Furthermore, media coverage of the maritime industry is often negative and sometimes even contributes to circulating inaccurate information. Because the marine industry is called to play an increasingly important role in the future, a gateway for disseminating data and answering information requests is needed. The MIB’s role involves coordination, content aggregation and information and resource pooling. Ultimately, it will provide ongoing, privileged access to the expertise of industry players and seek to heighten marine sector visibility.

Maritime Editorial