Year-over-year tonnage numbers increase in Green Bay, year-to-date tonnage remains down

The Port of Green Bay saw tonnage numbers increase in July 2016 over July 2015, but overall tonnage for the year remains down compared to last year.

“In July of this year, we had a 10 percent increase in total port tonnage over July 2015,” said Dean Haen, Brown County Port and Resource Recovery Director. “That was largely due to an increase in domestic inbound limestone, salt and petroleum products.”

When comparing overall 2016 year-to-date to the same time frame in 2015, tonnage remains down by 15 percent.

“That’s largely due to reduced demand for coal, resulting from low-cost natural gas,” Haen said. “However, we’re only halfway through the shipping season, and shipments vary month to month, so we’re hopeful there will be a rebound in the coming months.”

Sixty-six ships have come through the port so far this year, which is nine less than the same time last year. Haen said that’s to be expected because of increasing water levels.

“Deep water allows a single ship to carry more tonnage than usual, decreasing the number of ships needed.”

Maritime Editorial